Beauty Salon in Paphos for Manicure & Pedicure Treatments for Women & Men

Everybody chooses our Beauty Spa Salon in Paphos for the pedicure, manicure, waxing, and eyebrows treatments! The reason is that the services we provide are coming from a place of experience, care, and love for what we do. We tend to see our work as a form of art, dedication, and discipline combined, providing as a result of pure Mastery.

In your Pedi session, we will use effective German methods (Gerlach Technik) for your feet to become soft like a baby’s.

We understand your need to have beautiful and healthy feet, and we believe that professional foot care treatments must be suitable for both women and men in Paphos.

Our feet carry us through all our lives, it is necessary to take proper care of them, not only from the cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails view but for the health of your feet also, because health feet is essential.

We use highly professional German products and keep our prices reasonable so that everybody can have a professional look after their feet at our Beauty Salon in Paphos or at home with our Gehwol Products for treatments at home for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Gehwol pedicure is efficient, mainly due to two reasons. The first is the initial use of unique surgery knives to remove dead and cracked skin, callouses, and corns before the stage where the feet skin gets polished. The second is the use of German antifungal and smoothing products, which we apply on feet skin and nails, to get the skin soft and elastic to prevent callouses. When the treatment is done, you’ll see the aesthetic results from Gehwol pedicure straight away, but also, you’ll boost your feet’s general health condition at the same time.

An additional benefit to that is most likely you’ll find the whole treatment as very enjoyable due to the polish machine giving massage to your feet.

After our 20 years of experience, we believe that the use of Gehwol pedicure and German Gerlach Technologies is making the Gehwol pedicure, probably the world’s best pedicure treatment. You were wondering where a pedicure near me is? Well, we are here for you from 1999, providing a decent pedicure treatment in Paphos. 

We use products from a German company called Gehwol which was formed in 1978 by the Klaus Gerlach Meinders.


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Beauty Spa Salon for Manicure Treatments for Women & Men in Paphos 

A woman may not be beautiful, but she is bound to be well-groomed. This is why decent, and often manicure treatments are so important. 

Neat nails for businesswoman, bright colors to give extravagant ladies, pastel colors for romantic persons – manicure always corresponds to the requirements of hygiene and health care. 

In our Beauty Spa Salon in Paphos, our manicure master follows the novelties of the beauty industry to provide your nails with the best care. Using professional equipment and coating keeps the manicure long-lasting and the client happy.

We care about the hands and nails of each of our clients. For that reason, we are using the newest equipment and the best products on the market to provide you with the best manicure treatment. 

The results you will get from a professional manicure in our salon will impress you and others who see it. Not everyone can master the craft of manicure at home; that’s why it’s better to have a professional manicurist look after your hands. 

And because we believe that all women should be able to have a decent Mani treatment done on their hands every monthwe keep our prices reasonably low, and we believe that our high-quality service will make you our lifetime valued client.

We do also provide a simple executive manicure for men in our Beauty Salon. 

 We guarantee the hygiene and the cleanliness of our services.

Remember that well-groomed hands – is not a luxury, it is a mandatory element of a women’s image.

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After a long working day, a workout, a pain in low back one therapy of massage can help you to recover quicker. Massage has a positive effect on the body; it improves blood circulation, metabolism, and unleash muscle stiffness.

Several sessions of massage are a great way to overcome the annoying nuisance in the body, improve the immune system, and charge the body with energy and a positive mood.

Book an appointment for a massage today to boost your mental and physical health.

For skincare treatments in Paphos for facial, body and hair, we recommend Christina’s Korouchtsidi Beauty & Spa Salon.


Body Waxing and Hair Removal Treatments in our Beauty SPA Salon in Paphos.

Waxing – is the treatment of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body. The skin remains its smoothness for two or three weeks. Regular waxing procedures weakens the hair and makes it thin as a result, the skin remains shiny and smooth for a longer period.

We have over 20 years of experience and we ensure your waxing treatment in our beauty salon in Pafos will be enjoyable and painless. We monitor and use the best products available on the market to ensure we provide you with the best possible results. After the treatment, your skin will become smooth and shiny.

Waxing at home – is painful and traumatic, trust the professionals for less painful hair removal and long-lasting effect.

Eyebrows Shape Correction

The shape of eyebrows we have by nature needs correction. We will favorably emphasize facial characteristics and add beauty to your look.

Our highly trained and experienced staff will make your eyebrows look natural and shick, we use the best equipment and products to provide you with perfect results.

Visit our Beauty Salon in Paphos for your eyebrows, permanent makeup, coloring, microblading, and form shaping.
Beautiful brows should have a symmetrical and smooth arc. Their shape must fit the face type, nose, and eyes.
We will select the shape, remove unwanted hair, and, if needed, can provide a permanent makeup eyebrow.

Feet massage in Paphos – How to get rid of feet swelling, make your legs look beautiful, healthy, and light?


Feet massage is an extremely beneficial and pleasant treatment that provides many benefits to feet and the whole body as well.
The treatment is quick, pleasant, and inexpensive it immediately helps all body get rid of stress, boost it with energy, and promote more deep and restful sleep at night. It is a quick, easy, it also t will keep your feet healthy and rid of most feet problems.

Doing feet massage treatment in our Beauty Salon in Paphos will provide with many benefits, as you may already know our feet have many reflexogenic zones responsible for almost all organs in our body, these organs get stimulated by massaging those zones in the feet.

Feet massage relieves stress in the body and minds by reducing the levels of stress hormones like cortisol, adrenaline, and norepinephrine.
It fights pain by reducing the impact of pain receptors in muscles, fights inflammation by reducing cytokines, improves lymph flow, and relieves fatigue. It will especially benefit those who stand a lot during the day or do sports like running, jogging, or cycling.

It accelerates blood flow in the whole body, it helps deliver the oxygen to the cells and by doing so boosts the overall health.

We always keep clearness - all instruments are disinfected. We don't save on materials. We do beautiful and professional work.

Taking care of you in since 1999.

Rozita Karslidou opened her Beauty Spa Salon in Paphos, Cyprus, in January 1999.

Mrs. Karslidou finished her studies in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a year after continued her studies in Munich, Germany, where she mastered the technique of the Gerlach and Gehwol companies (Germany), the skills used in the Gehwol pedicure and manicure.

With over 20 years of experience in pedicure, manicure, eyebrows shaping, and more, and of course, her knowledge, you can trust Rozita’s 100%.

May you have discomfort with your feet or you need a decent pedicure, manicure or other services our beauty salon in Pafos provides, please contact us with your desired date and time, and we will contact you with a confirmation.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Address of our Beauty Spa Salon in Paphos

Agapinoros 6, Paphos, 8046

For appointment please call (+357) 99467730 – Rozita

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About Gehwol Pedicure Products for Women & Men which you can by in at our Spa in Paphos.


Feet are essential body parts. We should spoil them more and show them that they are loved. We want to give our feet the strength and power to carry us easily to our goals.

Since our 20 years of experience with Gehwol, the brand has become synonymous with foot care in Cyprus and Worldwide.

The essential oils used in Gehwol products are from optimal quality products from controlled growing regions and – very important – meets the high standards which we set when verifying the essential oils. The care and selecting ingredients conscientiousness in the production of the products and the resulting efficacy has turned the Gehwol brand into a market leader in professional foot care. Trust and openness, pride and achievements and joy and innovation, these are all represented by the Gehwol company. We always said: if it says Gehwol, it has to contain Gehwol.

The company stands behind the idea of the natural strength for the well-being of the feet. Product development places value on natural ingredients, and the use of essential oils of rosemary, lavender, mountain pine, eucalyptus, and also cloves and thyme are the base of all Gehwol products, the best from nature, pure and natural, effective and consistent.


Pedi in Paphos for Women and Men – Simple Advice for Feet Health


One of the most often problems people have with their feet is dry and cracked heels. It occurs due to the lack of essential oil and vitamins. They are wearing open-toe shoes that leave the feet exposed to dirt and bacteria from the environment.
To maintain soft and beautiful feet, we recommend the following:

1) Get the pedicure done twice or at least once a month to exfoliate dead skin off your feet.

2) Purchase the right moisturizer for your specific needs to use in between pedicures. It will keep the feet moist and soft.

3) Apply the recommended moisturizer to your feet during the morning and again at night.

I highly recommend wearing socks during the sleep to lock in the moisture.

There are many product lines in the market these days, but we at Rozita Karslidou Beauty Salon in P

aphos use in our pedicures and recommend for home care use only Gehwol products. Gehwol was developed by a German pharmacist for podiatrists to help with all your foot care needs, including clients with diabetes.

To eliminate cracked and dry skin or other issues you may be having with your feet, ask us to recommend a product that works best for your individual needs. I also recommend keeping your feet hydrated and drink plenty of water.


The Nail Care Essential Treatment.

Clean nails. The first step in a Mani treatment of the hands at our beauty salon is to remove any colored nail varnish, for that we use a lint-free cotton pad with a polish remover. We put the padding on the nail and let the polish remover soak into the varnish and pull down on the nail so that the nails varnish won’t go all up into the cuticle.

Shape nails. If your nails are a beautiful oval shape and we want to achieve that shape, we’ll file from the corners of the pin into the center, with a sweeping motion that will ensure that you get the excellent oval shape that compliments and oval cuticle. If you want to do a square shape, we dip the nail file in towards the cuticle and make side-to-side motions in one direction.

Groom Cuticles. After that, I might want to do some buffing, especially if you had and red or dark colors that have stained your nails. For the manicure we do at our beauty salon in Paphos, we like to use the smoothest part of the buffer because we don’t want to do too much to the nail plate itself, all we want to do at this step is to remove any stains or any rough bits from the nail file.

Prepare nails. Then we use the gel cuticle remover, we are going to put it around the cuticles to soften them and loosen the skin from the nail plate, and massage it in. Then we are going to dip the client’s hand in warm soapy water which is going to loosen the cuticles from the nail plate and will make it easier to push back, after the soaking, we will dry the hand and then push back the cuticle with a cuticle pusher. Then we will use a little cuticle oil to rub into the cuticles that we’ve just manipulated back off the nail plate.

After we put some oil and rub them into a cuticle, we will use a little bit of hand cream, because a little bit of manipulation and circulations are always good for the hands.

Apply the nail polish. Before we put varnish, we’ll have to prepare the nails, which means getting off any lint or excessive moisture oil, because varnish needs to have a dry and dehydrated nail plate to adhere to. We use a cotton wool pad and a varnish remover and give a good wipe over all the nails before we apply the base coat. The base coat will depend on the types of nails.

After we have applied the base coat, we’ll want to apply to coats of the color. What we generally do during the Manicure in our Beauty salon in Paphos, we like to start from one side of the nail and work our way across. Then we start from the left side and move to the right side of the nail after we finish varnishing. We will swipe across the tip of the nail to prevent chipping. Then we will apply a second coat for the varnish to last longer, and we don’t get any varnish peeling off.

Seal and Shine. At the next step, we will apply the topcoat. It will protect your nails from chips, keep them shiny, and lasting longer. Then after a minute or two, we will use a speed dry drops to quick dry of the varnish.

We do also provide a simple executive manicure for men in our Beauty Salon. 


Were you looking for a Manicure treatment near you! Now, you may try this fabulous manicure at our Rozita Karslidou – Beauty Salon in Paphos at Agapinoros 6 street.


After you get waxed, there are a couple of things you should do to treat the area.

Try not to use any oils because your pores are opened, you don’t want to close them, so it’s a better idea to put some aloe vera on instead.

If you want to quickly get rid of the red skin, you may also ice it. Also, I recommend putting sunblock on there, but nothing with a moisturizer because it can cause some build-up of sebum, and you don’t want that to happen.

If you have sensitive skin, always put on something like cool cotton next to it.

If you’ve waxed your face during the summer, instead of putting some moisturizer, just put a hat on to protect your face skin from the exposure to the sun.

Some people get bumps after waxing or ingrown hair after waxing, so you don’t want to go to the gym after you had your skin waxed, because you are going to sweat and start to get red dots and breakouts so avoid that.

After a waxing treatment, we also recommend our client to exfoliate the skin, when at home, clients can use a body cloth to prevent little bumps and ingrown hair, apply these tips on every place of your body, legs, back, bikini, etc.

You can use after waxing balms that contain salicylic acid that can help to prevent the little bumps.

Should you require a professional & inexpensive waxing treatment near you, we will be glad to see you at the beauty salon.